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Gera Fishermen, LLC

We are a Russian company. We are engaged in fishing and processing of wild salmon native to the Amur River. 

This is wild fish. It has great advantage over farm-raised fish since it lives and feeds in pure ocean waters.




Our business relations with partners are based on mutually beneficial terms.

The transactions and procedures are transparent, easy to understand and may be subject to verification at every stage.

This is a guarantee of reliable and trustworthy relations in the future. 

Mikhail Parusyna, General Director
of Gera Fishermen Company




Our Russian Company is interested in establishment of strong business relations.

It is to the benefit of the both parties since we offer to provide with high-quality products.


In terms of Russian economy we have a fairly large enterprise. We pursue fishing and processing of Pacific salmon — the food traditionally consumed by the Russians. We have our own fishing grounds, vessels, and processing facilities. Some facilities are located ashore, while others – on the fishing ground. All the facilities are equipped with up-to-date processing equipment of Nikko and Grandbell brandnames. The equipment enables us to produce a wide range of high quality products. The products feature a unique mix of micronutrients and specific taste contributed by the very nature. 


Our partners and friends are offered such food products which we ourselves enjoy very much. These are numerous fish products of wild salmon:

Preservative-free salmon caviar: 140 grams / 210 grams / 550 grams

Sliced salt-cured fillet – several fish varieties, 2.0-4% salt

Loin fillet, boneless

Vacuum-packed salmon steak

Chilled whole salmon, ungutted

Fish heads





Our fishing vessels are modern seiners and trawlers equipped with

the world’s most advanced fish processing systems.

Therefore, we can catch and process various fish species as well as shrimps, crabs and algae. 




Orlaneco fish products are recommended for would-be mothers and athletes and are especially beneficial for male reproductive system.

They are good for human health in general. We truly believe that healthy nutrition makes healthy people, and healthy people make up a healthy nation.


We hope that our friends and partners would highly appreciate our fish products and every one would enjoy the food very much.

And we expect furtherance of our business and friendly relations based on trading in fish products. 

While interacting with the foreign partners, we pay great attention to short terms of product delivery.


Be all of you healthy! Our product will help you stay young, healthy, cheerful and optimistic!

Gera Fishermen, LLC

Website: orlaneco.ru/eng

Tel.: 8-924-314-77-77. Khabarovsk office: 8 (4212) 607-500.

E-mail: orlaneco@ya.ru

Address: 54 Prospekt Mira St., Amursk 682640, Khabarovsk Kray, Russian Federation. 


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